India's Only Insurance centric Grievence Redressal entity

ClaimEasy is a foray specializing in Insurance and consumer protection domain. Oure core specialty involves insurance claim grievance.  

We believe an Insurance claim delayed or denied is a right denied to a consumer.

The core team members behind ClaimEasy are from insurance litigation background who have founded this venture with a motive to provide a transparent and a cost effective way to handle and address every policyholders claim grievance.

Every year 38 lakhs of insurance claims are rejected by General Insurance companies. Hardly 10% of the claims are been fought back to before courts and authorities against insurance companies. ClaimEasy specializes in resolving. 

Our Mission is to make ClaimEasy and a tech fueled platform to address your insurance claim grievance. by 2023

85% of our claim Grivences are Solved without any litigation or court process

An insurance claim delayed or denied is a right denied to a consumer


From Two Wheeler to Trucks our claim handling expertise is the best in the Industry.


Property claims are complex assesments involving clauses and schedules. Let us simply the complexity


All our claims are reviewed and medically backed by our Inhouse Doctor team

Scheme Insurance

Need help on claims pertaining to PMBY, PMBFY or any Govt. Scheme insurance

ClaimEasy Expertise

At Claim Easy our clients are not customer or vendor codes; we treat them as real people. We will be up front and honest with the client. Although we are a “for profit” company, money is not our bottom line. Claim Easy also has professionals assigned to smaller divisions within the company specific to certain investigations and processes.

policyholder education

Interpretation of policy terms & conditions is crucial to seamless settlement of Claim. Queries may be simple or complicated, but it needs a proper understanding to avoid unwanted complications in Claims.

grievance Redressal

Your grievance must be primarily addressed to the insurer before the same is to be addressed to any statutory authority of public grievance like Consumer forums


It Is General Myth That Court Procedures Are Always Complex, Less Transparent And There Is No Standard Advocacy Fee; But It Will Not Be The Same With us. ClaimEasy Will Give A Detailed Break Up Of Advocate Fee A Complete Transparency On The Court Proceedings.

Happy Clients


” It was a really challenging when insurance company denied my claim and were refering to a Fine Print T&C. ClaimEasy Helped me in getting rightfull claim . “

R S Arun KUmar, Chennai

My BMW car Claim was stalled due to unclear requirements raised by insurance company and no Insurance Company was  responding to my calls and mails. Thanks to ClaimEasy for getting my claim processed and paid “

Gurpreet Singh, Jammu

” Our Health Insurance Claim was rejected for Treatment Must Be Out Patient. We reached ClaimEasy for support; we were able to get our rightful claim within two months “

Deepika Shah, Pune

My Car had met with a Total Loss and insurance company had closed my claim for non submission of documents . Thanks to ClaimEasy for their support in resolving my long pending claim”

Bhanuben Thakkar, Mumbai