ClaimEasy is a foray specializing in insurance and consumer protection domain. The core team members created this venture with a motive to provide a transparent and a cost effective insurance claims management model.Such requirement though was claim easy and a tech fueled platform to address your insurance claim grievance.

Delay In Claim Settlement

A Insurance claim can be delayed for various reasons. Majorly the reason for such delay is complying with the requirements which insurance company has raised in order to decide the claim. The scenario is more common when your claim value goes in lakhs. Insurance company depend on traditional external Third Party Surveyors and Investigators which can further delay the process.

How can ClaimEasy help you in this?

ClaimEasy has close than decade experience in Insurance claim processing domain. ClaimEasy will be your representative in handling the claim from intimating the claim and to respond Insurance company queries and collating documents from Your desk to the appointed Investigator / surveyor.

Statements and written facts provided for your insurance claim is the most be precise and addressing the point. A unclear statement provided can give raise to further requirements.
In claimEasy we assist and guide a policyholder in every step of claim related communication with Insurance Company Officials, workshops and any statutory authorities.

In a Nutshell we are claims Manager working for the best interest of policyholders

Claim Rejection

A Insurance claim rejection does create a impact financially and emotionally. Insurance is taken with trust and promise. When the promise is tampered at the time of required is a pain.

38 Lakhs of claims every year are being rejected by General Insurance Companies. genuine Policyholders don't combat the decision of insurance company due to the

1. The Claim rejected value is below 1 Lakh and under an impression this can be solved by a traditional advocate and may take years to find light.

2. Advocate fee must be high still there is no guarantee of win so why spend more money on advocate and litigation.

ClaimEasy Tries to resolve your claim rejection without taking your cases to courts. 85% of our cases are resolved within 60 days without any court litigation. The result is not magic figure; it is what happens when you leave experts to do what they best do.

A CLaim Delayed or DEnied Is A RIGHT Denied for a Customer

A Click of a Button can change Everything