Frequently Asked Questions

”Is ClaimEasy a JUGAAD?”

No, ClaimEasy is not a Jugaad. ClaimEasy only believes or entertains the complaints/claims of the customers which has been wrongly rejected by the general insurance companies.

What is the background of the Co-Founders of ClaimEasy?

As the name suggest ClaimEasy is a Limited Liability Partnership Firm spearheaded by Shubham Wadhwa and Dr. N Rajendran Shubham holds years of experience in working in the legal team of the leading general insurance companies while Dr. Rajendran is a senior medical practitioner and with experience on medical management procedures.

How does ClaimEasy work?

We analysing the customer’s insurance claim by perusing the insurance policy, claim documents and expert opinions then contest further if the insurance company has rejected the claim wrongfully.

How to register with ClaimEasy ?

The aggrieved clients/customers of Insurance Companies can share their complete claim documents and other communications received from the insurance company through whatsApp on the number mentioned in “Home Page” of our website. Our Expert team after going through the documents will pursue the documents and will get in touch with you 

How much time does it take to resolve my case?

Depending upon the claim, if the claim gets resolved at the stage of the Grievance, it takes 1 to 2 months from the submission of last document/representation. But In case, the claim is required to be represented before statutory authorities then it takes 4 to 6 months from the submission of the complaint depending upon the date of hearing given by the authorities.

Whether ClaimEasy handles the complaints if same needs to be approached before Consumer Forums/Courts?

No, ClaimEasy was founded by the members with an intention that the insured/clients does not have to go to Courts and their claim should get resolved through pre-litigation strategies only

How does ClaimEasy helps in resolving the insured’s claim?

More than 85% of the claims can be resolved by making the right representation to insurance companies as they also believe in paying claims to a genuine claim, however, there are other grievance mechanisms which can be approached if one fails.

Do you charge for analysing and giving opinion on a claim?

No,  We never charge for analysing customer's claim; It completely free of any cost to Insurance Policyholders; as we only accept claims wherein we feel based on our experience that claim has been rejected wrongly.

In case, client loses his case before Insurance Ombudsman, what are the other options available with the client?

The client is within their rights to approach the Court, in case, he/she loses his/her case before Insurance Ombudsman. ClaimEasy gives their opinion as to whether the claim is required to be taken before court or not, however, last decision will be of the client’s.